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About Us

Who We Are

GrapeMunch, first established in 2018 by Irwin Rudd who is also the designer. We focus on designing and developing websites. Every company/individual requires a website to showcase their work, talents and information they would like to publicise. GrapeMunch does this by not just creating websites, but by actually focusing on the experience each website needs the visitor to go through.


To design and create professional websites with quality content in order to exert a positive feeling towards its viewers. This allows the company to continue their Journey to Success.


Our long term goal is to be a fully functional Designing Agency company that will design, construct and develop designs of all variations from brochures and logos to an entire E-Commerce Website including automations.
Our short term goal is to continue to get websites into the world and help companies/individuals promote their brand.

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Amazing Features

We Define

During the planning stage we work closely with the client developing content and brainstorming ideas to develop a great website.

We Design

Once most of the content is agreed upon with the client. We work on the design to match the content so that they can coexist in a homogeneous way.

We Develop

Developing the website is a checkpoint to the process as content and ideas will now be put into action onto the clients live website.

We Deliver

The website is then critiqued by both the developer and client as to what need to be changed, modified and/or added. Once both parties are satisfied, the website then goes live for the world to experience.


What We Offer


Brainstorm ideas and transform them into great, marketable and attractive content for a website


Transmit content onto web pages and develop entire websites


Content Management Systems like wordpress is a tool we use into the development of websites


For a more secure website. We develop websites from scratch as well depending on the requirement.


Allow your website to move further up on the google search list and be easily found on google.


Create an online store allowing viewers to select their products and checkout using Stripe or Paypal


We provide maintenance for websites provided with a weekly/monthly report of the website as a whole including the visitors.

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Irwin Rudd

Software Developer and Aspiring Entrepreneur


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